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Lure Flying Videos

Below are a few of my favorite Lure Flying Videos. For a complete list of my Kestrel Falconry Videos you can look at YouTube.com/FalconryVids

The Kestrel Lure

The lure is very important in many ways. The lure is a way to retrieve your bird ASAP. The bird can see the lure from far away and it knows that it will get a big easy meal when it comes and catches it. The lure can be used for exercise and training. For more information on Falconry equipment check out our Kestrel Falconry Equipment Page


Lure Flying Videos by KestrelFalconry.com
From 2010



From 2009





MORE Kestrel Lure Flying Videos

at our youtube page - http://YouTube.com/FalconryVids

Submit your Kestrel Videos! If you would like to submit your Kestrel Videos then please email us at KestrelFalconry@KestrelFalconry.com We are primarily interested in American Kestrels in action although we would love to see all kinds of kestrels.