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Kestrel & Falconry Blogs

Here is a list of the Kestrel and Falconry Blogs that I read. These blogs are made by other falconers who range in experience from apprentice to master. Reading other peoples falconry blogs is a great way to learn and have fun. If you would like to add your Falconry or Kestrel Blog to the list please email me at KestrelFalconry@KestrelFalconry.com

Highly Recommended Kestrel and Falconry Blogs


Phoenix Fire Falconry http://phoenixfirefalconry.blogspot.com/

"Another Falconry Blog" - http://wakayamatakagari.blogspot.com/

Little Mews on the Prairie - http://ryanvanzant.blogspot.com/

As the Falcon, Her Bells - http://falconbells.blogspot.com/

Falcons & Fishing - http://ericedw.blogspot.com/

Idaho Longwings- http://idaholongwings.blogspot.com/

Let me know if there is an awesome Falconry/Kestrel blog that I don't have listed.